April 18, 2014

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Does FHA MIP Go Away Still

FHA Changes Means Your MIP May NOT Be Falling Off Anymore Contrary to previous FHA guidelines, even before the changes made in April of 2013, many Americans do not have the … [Read More...]

Loan after BK and Foreclosures

VA Mortgage After Bankruptcy

Can I get a VA mortgage after Bankruptcy? Are you a military veteran looking to buy a home and use your certificate of eligibility to utilize a VA mortgage to help buy a … [Read More...]


Mortgage Rate Lock and Shop

The company I work for, Premier Nationwide Lending, has opened up a new program designed to help protect buyers all over Texas, in times of rising rates.  In the last 3-4 … [Read More...]

FHA Mortgage Basics

FHA Mortgage Basics

What is annual MIP in regards to an FHA mortgage? Annual MIP = annual Mortgage Insurance Premium.  The annual MIP is the portion of mortgage insurance that is paid as a … [Read More...]